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Jed Harrison Photography
Virginia Lifestyle Wedding, Family, and Portrait Photographer


5.20.17 was the best day

A serene backyard. A lake with views. Close family and close friends. Lights twinkling and some spring-time camping. Our wedding was intimate, modern yet humble, and jam packed with an abundance of love. It couldn't have been more us. And even though a storm almost derailed it all, I wish I could relive that day over and over and over.

I have a head full of dreams and a heart full of adventure

Plain and simple.

I am a Summer baby through and through 

Dry heat, humid heat, give me all of it! I'm my happiest when the sun is overhead and the temps reach above 80 degrees.

I’m kinda obsessed with our pup Tom Petty

Aka Big Lick, aka Sweet T, aka Tom Bomb, aka T Bone, aka Tom Girl. She's the greatest.

I live for lazy sundays, kitchen dances, and escaping the city

My slow days are extra awesome if I'm spending them rocking comfy clothes and the messy bun as Stuart and I celebrate champagne Sunday, if we're slow dancing as dinner cooks, or if we've ditched the city life all together to escape into nature for the day, which we're always taking suggestions for where we should go next!!

Image by Sandy Swagger Jones Photography

Image by Sandy Swagger Jones Photography


About my work

My style lives by no rulebook

My photos are not all technically perfect and that's what I love! Sometimes the light isn't just right or the location we choose is proving a bit difficult or I miss focus (which yes, does happen to all photographers - and sometimes it's pure magic). I'll always give my honest opinion, so if either of us has a vision for a shoot I think we could totally pull off, we're going to follow through, and it's up to me to make it work.

Think outside the box

I love getting creative with shoots. Do you and your person have a thing for amusement parks, does your little one go crazy over baseball, as a small business owner do you work mostly in coffee shops or bakeries?! Lets go there to shoot! Capturing who you really are, doing what you really love to do, hands down makes the greatest, most timeless photos. So, don't think any idea is too out of the box, I'll most likely be completely up for whatever you have in mind!

Bring the energy. bring the confidence! 

I'll be the first to admit, getting in front of the camera is not easy! It's intimidating and can be awkward. That's where I come in. I like to run my sessions as free and natural as possible, which basically means I'll be giving loose pose suggestions, but what I'm really looking to capture are those in between moments. Capturing who you really are and how you would normally navigate a particular environment. Your energy and confidence in front of the lens gives me confidence behind it and lets the creative ideas flow. You'll get better images because you totally worked it and I had the space to spot that perfect angle!

You'll make my dreams come true if...

You dream of bohemian vibes with a touch of modern elegance.

You're planning a simple, stylish, intimate wedding or elopement with only your closest friends and family.

Your small business is inspired by holistic, authentic, and intentional creations.

Your session includes climbing a mountain, running through a field, or wading into the ocean all while rocking your stunning session attire.

Ask to bring your pup to your session - my answer is yes. every time. yes.




Image by Sandy Swagger Jones Photography

Image by Sandy Swagger Jones Photography